Student Rights, Policies and Procedures

Peninsula College guarantees all students specific rights as a result of thier enrollment status and requires that all students assume the obligation of responsible behavior as a condition of their continued enrollment. Student rights include academic freedom, as it relates to free speech, assembly, and a safe learning environment, as well as due process when a student is involved in a disciplinary action.

Peninsula College continually designs and implements policies and procedures to inform and support the members of our campus community.  Students and staff will find links below to key information that will assist with conducting daily academic and student affairs.


Academic Concerns, Grade Complaints and Grievances
Academic Honesty
Grades Appeal

Student Right to Know Act


Admissions Policy
First Week Attendance Information


Confidentiality of Student Records


Non-Discrimination Gender Equity
Common Title IV Student Complaint Process
Services and Activities (S&A) fee expenditures

State Support Letter

Publication Disclaimer

Human Rights

Website Accessibility

Public Disclosure

Student Life

Code of Student Rights and Responsibilities
Computer Use Policy

Abuse of Alcohol

HIV/AIDS Information

Disability Awareness Month Promotions

Voter Registration