Meet the Team

Lisandra Ferrari

Future Goal: My goal is to earn my Bachelor’s Degree in Management at Peninsula College.

Student Ambassador Lisandra

What do you like about Peninsula College? I really like the family environment. Peninsula College staff and professors are very approachable and always focus on our academic success. I also enjoy the small classes and the variety of courses that Peninsula College offers. Additionally, I love the campus infrastructure. The buildings are very contemporary and our classrooms have access to new technology. Overall, it is a perfect place to pursue my goals.

What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador? I enjoy meeting new people as well as building and growing relationships. Being an Ambassador has given me the opportunity to be involved in the community.

Tip for College Success: Set up your academic goals and keep them present every day. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. There are many people willing to give you a hand. And don’t be afraid to face new challenges! Challenges strengthen our minds.

Ivan Sitohang

Future Goal:  To be a sports journalist

Student Ambassador Ivan

What do you like about Peninsula College? I like that Peninsula College is small, making its community really wonderful and solid. People around the campus are extremely kind and helpful. As a student, I always feel comfortable in the campus. The environment and surroundings are student friendly. Peninsula College also has great championship-quality soccer and basketball teams that entertains me all the time.

What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador?  I enjoy the opportunity to share the experiences that I have in Peninsula College to people. Also being able to meet a lot of new student perspective with different background and passion are truly amazing. 

Tip for College Success: Enjoy every moment you have in college. Don’t run away from challenges, face it. Always try to step out of comfort zone. Every moment will worth it.

Student Ambassador Lukas
Lukas Peterson

Future Goal: To become a firefighter. 

What do you like about Peninsula College? I love that Peninsula College is very community oriented and helps its students.  

What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador? I like meeting new people and getting to work where I go to school.

Tips for College Success: Do not procrastinate at all!

Lisa Tu Hoang

Future Goal:  I want to be able to leave an impact by empowering all women and children in developing countries.

Student Ambassador Lisa

What do you like about Peninsula College? I like that it is a small campus with a beautiful setting of natural beauty. The ocean is in the front; the mountains are at the back. Peninsula College students, staffs and faculty are all interconnected, helpful and friendly. There are many resources available for students. It always feels more like a family beyond the classrooms because you have the opportunity to connect with so many people.

What do you enjoy about being an Ambassador? I get to share my passion for Peninsula College, meet new people and work with an amazing group of staffs and other student ambassadors.

Tip for College Success: Keep yourself busy and aim in the right direction! You will get there before you even know it.