Adding / Dropping Classes

Class Attendance Is Required

If you receive financial aid – either in the form of a payment toward your tuition and fees or in the form of a financial aid refund (determined by the choice you make using your Peninsula Card) – you are required to attend all of your classes.

If we determine you never attended some or all of your classes, you will owe a repayment of aid to the college.  Students who owe a repayment of financial aid due to non-attendance will be blocked from registering for future quarters and from receiving copies of their academic transcript. They may also be referred to a collection agency and incur additional penalties and fees.

Tuition Due Dates - When Do I Have to Pay My Tuition?

If you are awarded financial aid, the Financial Aid Office will hold you in your classes until all aid has applied towards your tuition and fees. After all aid has applied, if you still owe tuition and fees, it is your responsibility to pay the balance by the tuition payment deadline to avoid being blocked from receiving services from the college or being disenrolled from your classes.

If you have been awarded aid or met the financial aid deadline, you will be held in your classes until tuition is paid.

Am I Registered for the Right Number of Credits?

You must be registered for the appropriate number of credits each quarter in order to receive your aid.  All financial aid awards are initially based on full-time enrollment of 12 or more credits unless otherwise indicated. If you do not plan to enroll in 12 or more credits, you should notify the Financial Aid Office in writing EACH QUARTER. We recommend you let us know as soon as possible, prior to the tuition due date for the quarter. In most cases, financial aid grants will be reduced proportionately to your credit load.  Loans, work-study and some grants are not available to students taking fewer than 6 credits.

  • Full-time:                     12 + credits                             
  • ¾-time:                         9-11 credits
  • ½-time:                         6-8 credits                               
  • Less than ½-time:         1-5 credits

Some Courses Are Not Eligible for Financial Aid Funding

Running Start, high school completion, basic skills classes (BASED), audit classes, Tech Prep courses, WorkFirst courses, non-credit courses, continuing education courses and Family Life Education courses are not eligible for financial aid funding.  Credits from these courses will not count toward your minimum credit requirement to receive financial aid funds or towards your completed credits for Satisfactory Academic Progress purposes.

In addition to this, classes that are not required in order to complete your program of study cannot be funded by financial aid due to federal regulations.  

Changing Your Enrollment Level Before the 5th Day of the Quarter (5th Day Policy)

Enrollment levels for students who were awarded financial aid will be re-checked after the beginning of the quarter to determine if grant aid needs to be adjusted either upwards or downwards.  Enrollment levels will be checked, and aid revised if necessary, even if aid has already been disbursed.  What does this mean for you?

  • If you increase your enrollment level on or prior to the 5th instructional day of the quarter, your financial aid grants will be revised, as appropriate. 
  • If you decrease your enrollment level on or prior to the 5th instructional day of the quarter, your financial aid grants will be revised, as appropriate, and your aid will be adjusted in the Financial Aid Portal.  This will occur even if your aid has already been disbursed.  If your aid was already disbursed, you will most likely owe a repayment of aid.  
  • If your grant aid is revised in accordance with this policy, the number of credits you must complete for Satisfactory Academic Progress will be based on the revised credits for which you are funded.

Late changes to your enrollment may cause problems and delays in receiving your aid.  To avoid problems and delays, complete all registration activity prior to the tuition due date and make no changes after that time. 

Repeated Courses

Students can repeat courses for which they receive financial aid. Each time a class is repeated, whether or not financial aid paid for the course, the credits are counted toward the time limit requirement. Each time a for-credit developmental course is repeated while a student is receiving aid, it counts toward both the time limit requirement and the 45 credit limit on for-credit developmental courses which will be excluded from the time limit requirement.