How Do I Get Started?

Plan Early!

The enrollment process takes place the quarter before you plan to start classes. You must have all your paperwork in place prior to enrolling in classes. Registration for fall quarter starts on June 2, 2016.

Take the Placement Tests

The placement tests are designed to assess your English and math skills and determine appropriate course-level placement.  You must place into either college level English or math to participate in Running Start or qualify through an approved alternative placement.

Call Peninsula College: Main Campus (360) 417-6340, Port Townsend (360) 385-4605, or Forks (360) 374-3223 to make an appointment.  Indicate you are interested in participating in the Running Start program.  Bring a photo ID, $20.00 testing fee, your Student ID number, and a graphing calculator for use in the Algebra section of the test.

Running Start Orientation

Learn about college resources and program procedures.  Face-to-face Running Start Orientation is mandatory for all Running Start students.  An online option is available for students who attend at the Forks or Port Townsend Extension Sites or are distance online students.

Complete a Peninsula College Application

Once you have qualified for Running Start, complete a PC application for admission and Running Start Agreement (must also be signed by parent).

Meet with Your High School Counselor (take your placement verification with you)

See your high school counselor to complete a Running Start Planning Form, Enrollment Verification Form and review classes needed to meet graduation requirements. Parent and counselor signatures are required. Homeschool students are required to fill out a Running Start Enrollment Request Form at their school district office prior to meeting with the high school counselor. 

Submit all Forms to Peninsula College

A completed file includes: Peninsula College application, RS Agreement Form, Planning Form, and a Running Start Enrollment Verification Form.

Advise and Register

When all of the above information has been submitted, contact Pirate Central (front counter in Student Services) at (360) 417-6340 to schedule an advising appointment to select your classes and register.

Pay Fees and Purchase Textbooks

When you register, you will receive a copy of your schedule showing the fees owed and the date payment is due. You can purchase your books from the PC bookstore, either on campus or online. Book rental options are also available on the website.  Fee waivers and bus passes are available for students who qualify for the free or reduced lunch program through their school district.  In addition, limited book assistance is available for students who qualify for the free lunch program.