What Should I Expect?

Some Considerations

You and your parents should give careful consideration to the appropriateness of this program before electing to participate. Running Start is one of several options for the completion of high school. High school and college advisors are available to meet with you and your parents to discuss the options. Please consider the following:

Strengths of the Program

You can earn up to two years of tuition-free college credit, getting a head start on college. It is possible to graduate with a high school diploma and a two-year college degree.

  • You have the opportunity to experience postsecondary education while you’re in high school and still participate in high school activities.
  • If you find the traditional high school does not fit your needs, you may flourish in a different educational setting.
  • You have the opportunity to take more diverse elective classes than those provided at your high school. 

Some Challenges

When you and your parents discuss Running Start, talk about your maturity level. Sometimes students who are academically qualified may not be ready socially or emotionally for college. They become overwhelmed with the independence and the speed of college classes. Student success requires motivated individuals who work independently, take initiative, have good study skills, and are able to complete assignments responsibly throughout the quarter.

Peninsula College is a community college aimed at educating adults. Contemporary issues of our society will be actively discussed in our classrooms. The content of our classes will not be censored for our younger students.

The college operates on the quarter system, while high school operates on semesters or trimesters. Holidays and vacation periods will be different. You are expected to attend classes at the college even when your high school is not in session.