Emergency Closures/Late Start

Peninsula College will be open on all scheduled work days unless, in the judgment of the College President, or a designated administrator, it is determined that maintaining the work schedule would constitute a real and present danger to the safety and welfare of the college employee, or conditions make it impossible to continue the regular work day (Board Policy 265).

Closure or Late Start

The College President or designee may declare a “Closure” or “Late Start”

  • It is determined that maintaining the class schedule would constitute a real and present danger to safety and welfare. 
  • If weather conditions are severe enough to prevent a substantial number of commuting students, faculty and staff from arriving to campus.
  • If weather conditions make it impossible to continue the regular work day. 

For your safety and the safety of others, during a College closure classes will be cancelled and College Operations will be suspended for the duration of closure. Buildings will remain locked, and on limited emergency power.

Notifications of College Closures may be obtained from:

  • Front Page of the PC website
  • Facebook
  • PCAlertMe message will go out to those who have opted in to participate in the mass notification system
  • Phone message on College Information Center’s main phone line
  • Local Media sources

Extension Sites 

Due to differing geographical and weather conditions, our extension sites may close or remain open independent from the main campus announcement. The decision will be made by the College President or designee. This will include Forks, Port Hadlock, Port Townsend, Sequim, Corrections Education, and the Lincoln Center sites.
Extension site College Closures notifications may be obtained the same way as the main campus.

Snow Priorities

Main Campus: Snow will be cleared in a prioritized manner. Emergency access routes, primary pedestrian routes, vehicular drives and parking lots are the 1st priority. These areas will be addressed simultaneously, expanding pathways as conditions allow. Special attention will be paid to ADA access; these areas are maintained on a continual basis and have 1st priority. The Gravel parking areas South and West of M (Keegan Hall) are nonessential and will be 2nd priority. Minimal use walks and roads are not priority and may be cleared last or not at all.

Nonessential 2nd Priority areas Blocked Off

For all conditions, secondary priority areas will be blocked off until 1st priority areas are clear and safe for travel. Signs will be placed to direct traffic to alternate routes.

  1. Access road around campus
  2. Gravel parking areas south and west of M (Keegan Hall)
  3. Stairs at east side of L
  4. Main entrance stairs; first and second landing; quad stairs east of B (Library)  
  5. Amphitheater and Stairs East of M (Keegan Hall)