Public disclosure

State law requires government entities to make certain records available to the public upon request. Colleges must publish their public records officer’s name and contact information in the State Register. Colleges are encouraged to post the officer’s name and contact information on their websites along with the following information:

  •  The (name of agency) (describe services provided by agency). The (name of agency's) central office is located at (describe). The (name of agency) has field offices at (describe, if applicable).
  •  Any person wishing to request access to public records of (agency), or seeking assistance in making such a request should contact the public records officer of the (name of agency):

o Public Records Officer
o (Agency)
o (Address)
o (Telephone number)
o (fax number)
o (e-mail)

  •  Information is also available at the (name of agency's) web site at (website address).
  •  An agency must publish its public records policies, organizational information, and methods for requestors to obtain public records.
  •  A state agency must publish its procedures in the Washington Administrative Code.
  •  An agency should post its public records rules on its website.
  •  An agency cannot invoke a procedure if it did not publish or display it as required (unless the party had actual and timely notice of its contents).

Citation: RCW 42.56 and WAC 44-14 (pdf version)
Frequency: Continuous
Location: Website