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To publish original, reviewed research and scholarship, as well as literary works, artistic and multimedia creations, for scholarly and professional communities and the broader public.

Discovery: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies

The Editorial Board is pleased to announce the release of the second volume of the digital journal, Discovery: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Studies.Discovery is a juried publication that will explore an array of topics across multiple disciplines and in a variety of media. It includes original work intended for scholarly and professional communities as well as the broader public.

PC Press is now inviting submissions for future issues of Discovery in the following areas:

  • Scientific manuscripts, which may include research papers, critical reviews, commentary on new findings, and public policy discussions.

  • Literary work, which may include fiction as well as nonfiction, poetry, and essays on topics of interest to faculty and the general public.

  • Artistic submissions, which may include visual arts, such as drawings, paintings, and photography, and audiovisual works, such as music and videos.

If you have research or scholarship you wish to share, if you have penned poetry or prose, if you have created an artistic work or produced a multi-media presentation that contributes to our understanding and appreciation of a given subject, please consider submitting it to the PC Press.

The Editorial Board

Editorial Board

Barbara Blackie, Ph.D
Mia Boster, Ph.D.
Michael Cassella-Blackburn, Ph.D.
Matthew Teorey, Ph.D.
Rae Rawley

Executive Editor:

Michael Cassella-Blackburn, Ph.D.

Managing Editor:

Samantha Hines

Technical Editor:

Amy McClain


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(360) 417-6275