Types of Grades

College instructors are responsible for evaluating individual performance in the courses they teach. Instructors may report decimal grades from 0.7 to 4.0 in 0.1 increments. The number 0.0 is assigned for failing work, which includes grades reported in 0.1 to 0.6 range.  

At the end of each quarter, a copy of grades and credits earned is available online in the Student Center at Check My Grades. A grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points earned for the quarter by the total number of credit hours in which an individual was registered.  

The following is a recommended decimal grade/letter grade conversion chart:

A...... 4.0 B...... 3.0 C...... 2.0 D...... 1.0
A-..... 3.7 B-..... 2.7 C-..... 1.7 D-..... 0.7
B+..... 3.3 C+.... 2.3 D+.... 1.3 F..... 0.0*

* Last date attend req.

The following symbols can be used to designate a grade for coursework, but are not assigned grade points:


Passing: Completion of the course at the 2.0 level. No grade points calculated in grade point averages. Credit is granted.


Satisfactory: Satisfactory completion of the course at the 0.7-1.9 level. No grade points calculated in grade point averages. Credit is granted.


Unsatisfactory: No grade points calculated in grade point averages. No credit is granted.

You may request to enroll in certain courses on a pass or no-pass basis. If you select the option of having a Passing (P), Satisfactory (S), or Unsatisfactory (U) grade for specific course work, you should request this from your instructor at the beginning of the quarter.

You should remember that U grades do not earn credit. While the number of P/S grades in not limited at Peninsula College, transfer students are cautioned that may baccalaureate institutions impose limits or restrictions on acceptance of P/S graded credit. If you plan to transfer to a baccalaureate institution you should determine that school’s policy regarding the acceptance of P/S courses before electing this option.


Withdrawal: Student initiated withdrawal prior to the 40th instructional day of the quarter. No grade points calculated. No credits issued.


Incomplete: Student initiated designation at instructor’s discretion. The student agrees to complete course requirements after the end of a current quarter due to circumstances beyond the student’s control. The student must have completed a sufficient amount of coursework (usually 80%) as determined by the instructor in order to request this designation. A designation of “I” will be added to the student’s quarterly grade report when the instructor and student complete and a contract form (instructor has form) that contains the specific requirements to be completed, the time allowed for completion (no longer than one year), and the grade to be assigned if the contract is not completed.

An incomplete grade remains permanently on your transcript if the course work is not made up within a maximum on one year.

An individual receiving veteran’s benefits and/or federal financial aid who fails to make up an incomplete grade within a designated time may risk partial loss or termination of benefits.


Audit: Class attendance permitted with instructor permission. You should request this from your instructor at the beginning of the quarter. Regular attendance is expected but students do not take examinations, receive grades, or earn credit. Tuition is the same as for credit courses.

After the tenth day of instruction an individual who is a Washington resident, and who has or will have attained 60 years of age by the first day of instruction of the quarter during which enrollment is desired, may enroll for audit in certain courses on a space-available basis. Students enrolling under this waiver shall register for no more than two courses per quarter. No tuition will be charged, although some fees may be assessed. Written approval of the instructor is required. (WAC 131-28-080).


Discontinued Attendance: Instructor can use for discontinued attendance prior to the last Instructional day of the quarter. The instructor is not obligated to assign a grade of V for discontinued attendance. No grade points calculated and no credits issued.

Note: The V is a discontinued grade given at the end of the quarter.

Your attendance matters. In order to accommodate students waiting to register for a course, instructors may initiate a withdrawal for nonattendance. A student who fails to attend at least 50% of a face-to-face class or fails to login for at least 50% of online class activity during the first week of the quarter may be administratively
withdrawn from the course. Students who plan to remain enrolled but have attendance difficulties during the first week of the quarter should therefore contact their instructors immediately to request an exception to this procedure.


Repeated Course: Student initiated designation with online form, indicates the student repeated the course. The R designator is placed next to the course with the lower GPA to indicate that it is not calculated into the GPA. A course may be repeated two times.

* Repeated Course: No Grade Reported or Invalid Grade