Peninsula College Honors Program

Honors at Peninsula College – A One of a Kind Experience

This unique educational program is for highly motivated students who seek to be engaged in an intensive learning process where they make connections among ideas while developing critical thinking skills as they pursue an Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree. Through in-depth learning, students discover their intellectual interests, and the gateway to a culminating capstone experience. This distinct Honors Program leads to sustained academic success after transfer, and lifelong success after college.

Is the Honors Program Right for You?

If you are excited to learn, want to study with classmates who share your enthusiasm, and seek an opportunity to work with faculty mentors to explore your unique intellectual interests, the Peninsula College Honors Program is for you. The Honors Program engages students actively in the learning process as they explore different fields of knowledge and discover how these ideas are connected. Students apply this mastery of knowledge to the design and completion of a comprehensive capstone project. Throughout this process of study, Honors students demonstrate excellent communication skills, personal initiative, and involvement in collaborative learning and extracurricular activities.

Capstone Project - A Signature Feature

The capstone project is the culmination of the Honors Program. As students pursue completion of their general education, they simultaneously learn how to integrate knowledge from all their courses and extracurricular experiences and to share their insights with others in the Honors Program. Through this process, they discover an idea to pursue. This idea becomes a focal point for a capstone project involving research, service learning, artistic expression, or even study abroad. Students may work with a faculty mentor on a project the faculty member is conducting, or develop a project that is uniquely their own.  

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