Peninsula College is devoted to providing a sustainable parking solution.

Recent changes to the parking lot reflect this devotion with the addition of catch basins for water runoff, an improved storm drainage/collection system and water collection islands added throughout the parking lot. Some of these changes have resulted in a more crowded parking area and it has also reduced the overall number of spaces available for parking. To counteract this loss of spaces Peninsula College has chosen to promote more efficient means of transportation with the addition of 20 carpool spaces for students as well as carpool spaces for faculty and the student voted on bus pass initiative.

Parking Hang Tags:

Currently all students and employees of Peninsula College that use the college parking areas are required to display a Peninsula College issued hang tag. Hangtags are available from the Campus Safety office (J32) located in the PUB/Cafeteria area in the J building. Student hangtags that were issued in the 2009-2010 school year are valid for the 2010-2011 School year.

Carpool Parking:

In support of environmental sustainability efforts, Peninsula College offers a carpool program to reduce the number of single occupant vehicular trips to the main campus. A carpool is a group of three or more individuals who travel in one vehicle to the main campus. For more information regarding carpool as well as how to signup please refer to our Carpool Parking Policy