Clubs & Organizations

Chemistry Club

For students exploring careers in chemistry.
Advisor: Ben Weintraub,

Christian Student Fellowship

Provides opportunity for fellowship and for learning about Christianity.
Advisor: Jean Carmack,

Clay Club

To further the clay arts and encourage appreciation in the community and college setting.
Advisor: Steve Belz,

Diversity Alliance

To bring diversity and acceptance of all cultures to Peninsula College through education and activities.
Advisor: Sophia Gu,

Hiking Club

To promote safe outdoor activities, such as hiking, snowshoeing and even surfing.
Advisor: Dave Esterl,

Impact Club

For students wanting to make a positive impact on the campus and the community.
Advisor: Mary Moseley,

International Club

For international and domestic students to plan events and trips and to celebrate world culture.
Advisor: Lisa Corbit,

Jalur Gemilang Organization Club (JGOC)

To serve as a club that brings together the Malaysian population at Peninsula College and provides guidance to Muslim students.
Advisor: Tara Martin Lopez


Lyceum fosters an environment for academic excellence and lifelong learning by sponsoring seminars, active scholars and social events.
Advisor: Daniel Underwood,

Nursing Club

For students interested in careers in nursing.
Advisor: Marti Tinkham,

Phi Beta Lambda

A group that teaches and prepares students for today's business world.
Advisor: Jill Snyder,

Phi Theta Kappa

Join us in our pursuit of scholarly and community excellence. Peninsula College’s local chapter of Phi Theta Kappa represents the National Honor Society that strives to provide opportunity for awards of both personal and scholastic advancement.
Advisor: Helen Lovejoy,

Rainbow Alliance

Provides for the concerns and interests of the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Allied community.
Advisor: Sophia Gu,

Veterans Club

Club to provide information and support for students who are Veterans.
Advisor: Brian Kneidl,; Terry Smith,

Welding Club

For students exploring careers in welding.
Advisor: Jeramie O'Dell,

Club Policies

All Peninsula College clubs must adhere to the rules and regulations governing organizations in Article III of the Constitution of Associated Students By-laws on page 31. In summary, clubs must consist of no fewer than eight students who are enrolled in a minimum of 6 credits, must have a faculty or staff advisor, and must submit to the ASC a list of members, officers, and a constitution for recognition by the ASC. Only those clubs recognized by the ASC are eligible for funding. Upon becoming a recognized club, such organizations must hold open and publicized meetings at least once a month or three times each quarter with no fewer than 50 percent of identified members in attendance at each meeting. If an organization exceeds 20 members, 10 identified members will be considered acceptable for attendance requirements. Clubs must submit minutes of meetings to the ASC. Clubs also are expected to send a representative to the first ASC meeting of each month. Clubs failing to meet the above requirements can be declared inactive, resulting in probation and eventually the loss of recognition and funding. Student organizations, including clubs, may not discriminate against anyone based on anything but enrollment status. Typically clubs require members to be students and some may have a minimum credit requirement.


Once recognized, clubs and organizations may receive funding. Funding requests may be made individually, or for a series of events. Club representatives may attend the weekly meeting of the ASC (Tuesdays at 12:40) to request funds. The ASC will determine the amount and then assist with the paper work to expend those funds. Clubs and organizations are also allowed to raise money for activities, projects, field trips, guest speakers, etc., on their own, subject to prior approval from the ASC. Fund raising activities shall exclude dues payments from members or funds from other college budgets and otherwise comply with the college's official policy on fund raising, which specifies that in no instance may selling off-campus involve items or services which could be construed to be in competition with local business. Further, raffle or lottery tickets can only be sold to current college students, staff, and faculty. The sale of raffle or lottery tickets off-campus is prohibited. All funds must be deposited in Associated Student accounts, subject to normal college audits, rules of expenditure, and record keeping. Excess club funds may be not be carried forward from one year to the next.